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Kestrel 4400 Heat Stress Meter Uses for Tactical SWAT Operations and Training

Recently, AllKestrel.com was pleased to meet Adam Ringle (MBA, EMT-T, NREMT-P) at the Annual NK Kestrel Dealer Summit.

Adam Ringle (President of ARC Consulting) at the 2014 NK Kestrel Dealer Summit

Kestrel 4400 Heat Stress Meter with WBGTAdam is President of ARC Consulting. He is an expert in Medical Consulting, Training, AED's and Expert Witness Services. Adam explained the benefits of using the Kestrel 4400 Heat Stress Meter with WBGT during tactical situations including training and on missions. Heat Stress Illnesses while on the scene have actually resulted death, stroke and many other Heat Stress illnesses. Heat Stress has resulted in friendly fire deaths of police personnel as well as civilians due to the effect it has on the brain and other parts of the body. Adam explained a situation where a SWAT sniper had been stationed in a field for many hours in the sun. The sniper was quietly suffering from heat stress. When he thought he had a shot, he took it. Unfortunately the shot hit another officer, killing him instantly. In the confusion, the police on the scene mistakenly thought the suspect was firing at them from inside a house. The police opened fire on the house, killing the suspect who never fired a shot. With the Kestrel 4400 Meter's flagging and TWL options, the police may have averted this unfortunate situation.

Kestrel 4000NV Meter. Great for forensic crime scene investigationsAdam also demonstrated how his trusty Kestrel 4000 has saved the day on many forensic crime scene investigations due to it's accuracy and data logging function. Adam explained how Kestrel Weather Meters are "Cop Simple" like a defibrillator. Take it out and push a button and it's gathering data. The accurate data is used in many legal cases. It's hard to argue accurate weather data! Thanks again for the demonstration!

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