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Kestrel Drop Case Studies

Kestrel DROP Use Case

IMG_013_00Kestrel DROP Wireless Environmental Data Loggers make it very easy to track important environmental conditions anywhere needed in your factory, warehouse, farm, storage area, distribution center or shipment.

The Kestrel DROP can be placed wherever needed to log temperature and humidity, with the data logs retrieved wirelessly to the Kestrel Connect App whenever convenient.

The Kestrel DROP loggers are so affordable you can employ multiple loggers for pinpoint visibility of where machinery or other factors are creating unsafe conditions. The Kestrel DROPs so small and tough that they can even be worn by an employee to monitor their working environment.














Did You Know Kestrel DROPs are Employee Wearable?

One of our DROP customers is a welding fabrication company with employees who work in a temperature-controlled hygienic environment that requires a precise temperature that resists moisture ingress and eliminates any risk of mold or bacteria growth. It’s critical for this customer to ensure the proper environmental conditions for its employees.












Dark maduro cigar resting on humidorDid You Know Kestrel DROPs are used to monitor conditions of gun cases and humidors?
Many DROP users have hobbies that require them to monitor and protect their investments.  Bluetooth connectivity means they can check the conditions of their guns, instruments, cigars, etc. even when they are not there. guns, instruments, cigars, etc. even when they are not One of our production employees is using the DROP to monitor the conditions in his cigar humidor!









Did you know the Kestrel DROPs are used in animal agriculture?young cows in a farm

Heat stress hits cows sooner than humans and has a large negative impact on milk production.  Rather than relying on outdoor weather reports from miles away, the DROP lets farmers know exactly what the heat index is inside their barns and when they need to take action to reduce loss of income.